Get every leader in your church on the same page.

Get clear on your mission. Align every leader. Solve problems with clarity. Set a unified direction for the next ministry season.

The Two Page Plan is like a business plan for your church. It will help you create the clarity you need to do the ministry you’re called to do. Take the Building Your Ministry Plan course to complete your Two Page Plan with your team.

You’re called to ministry, you're passionate about the church, and you have big vision. The problem isn’t the WOW. It’s the HOW.

You need help with…





Even though your church is much more than a business, this business-y kind of stuff can help you grow. There are parts of your church that would really benefit from good planning and strategy. The problem is: most ministry plans take a lot of work and produce few results.

An expensive consultant dazzles you with terminology and you’re drawn into a comprehensive process, peppered with promises of change. But in the end, a fancy report is shared briefly in a meeting then ends up in a computer folder somewhere.

Nothing really happens, nothing really changes. You might pull it out next year to see just how much you DIDN’T do. It’s a double fail: tons of work and minimal impact. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

“I didn’t realize that I was so pigeonholed in my whole thinking of how churches are supposed to operate until I was exposed to the resources. I realized that there’s a different way to do this. And a better way to do this.”



The Church Fuel Way

You don’t need an expensive consultant to guide you through the process.You can achieve fresh clarity the Church Fuel way, with a simple two-page worksheet and an insanely practical course that will show you exactly what to do.

The Two Page Plan is our insanely practical tool that will help you clarify what’s truly important in your church. The PDF looks like this. Make no mistake… it’s simple, but extremely powerful.

And we created an online course to show you exactly how to use the tool, what to write in each block, and what other churches have done.

Don’t decide to start a new ministry, hire a staff member, raise money, hold a leadership retreat, or make a ministry decision without first forcing this kind of clarity and alignment. 

Get it right, and it will solve so many problems. 

Skip it, and you’ll spin your ministry wheels chasing tactics.

Churches that have completed their Two Page Plan are experiencing amazing benefits.

“It’s helping us identify what is really important.”

“It’s giving us the ability to say no to good things that just don’t fit.”

“We’re using it in our staff meetings and leadership retreats to make sure we talk about what is really important and not small stuff that only feels urgent in the moment.”

“It finally got our elders and staff on the same page.”

“It’s does such a great job at capturing the important stuff that we actually use it in our new member class.”

More Clarity – Better Planning – Effective Ministry

Less confusion.

When you document your plans and strategy, there will be less confusion.  Everyone will know what happens, when it happens, and why it happens.  This “same-page thinking” will keep everyone working together.

No need to remember. 

When you have a documented strategy, understood and followed by all, you won’t have to guess as what is most important or make ministry decisions based solely on a sense of urgency.

More people connected to mission.

Remember, while there are parts of your church that would absolutely benefit from being run more like a business, your real mission is people and helping them follow Jesus.  Good strategy and planning is ultimately about helping more people become Jesus-followers.

What comes with the course

The course, and the corresponding tool, will give you everything you need to create a Two Page Plan for your church. You’ll get…


  • 15 modules of insanely practical video coaching, one accessible video for each box on the plan.
  • The Two Page Plan PDF template. Print as many copies as you want.  Change the original file and add your own branding if you like.
  • The Two Page Plan online tool. You’ll get access to the online version of the tool, where you can create, edit, and share your plan easily.
  • Tons of real-church examples. There are examples from large churches, small churches, city churches, and urban churches.
  • Lots of supporting resources and tools. If you need to dive deeper into a particular topic, we’ve got even more training cued up for you.
You’ll also get access to nine other courses, a library with more than 150 documents to help you take action, and a ministry coach anytime you need one-on-one help.  It’s a part of our “members get everything” approach.

Meet the instructor

Michael Lukaszewski
CEO of Church Fuel


After a decade in student ministry and six years as a church planter and pastor, Michael started Church Fuel to help churches add systems, processes, and strategy to their passion to reach people.  He’s been able to help hundreds of pastors and church leaders from churches of all sizes move forward on purpose.  In this course, he walks through each section of the Two Page Plan®, giving you expert advice on how to fill in each section.  You’ll walk away with more clarity and alignment than ever before

A letter from Michael

People lead churches because they want to help people and make an eternal difference.  

That’s why I moved to Atlanta to start a church. 

But 18 months into my pastoral journey, it wasn’t the preaching and vision casting holding me back. It was something else. 

I didn’t know how to read a profit and loss statement and was intimidated and embarrassed in nearly every financial meeting.  I didn’t know how to hire or lead people and ended up deferring when I needed to step up.  I didn’t know the first thing about strategy which means we chanced all kinds of off-mission ideas that weren’t right for us.

It wasn’t a WOW problem – there was plenty of vision to go around.  We had big dreams.

We had a a HOW problem…and I needed help with strategy and execution.  This was the stuff I didn’t learn in seminary.

The church has something to offer the world that capitalism never could.  We should be the best in the world because our mission is more important.  What we offer the world is far more important than an iPhone app or a jar of pickles on the shelves at Walmart. 

Over the last five years, we’ve been able to help churches level up in some of these areas.  We’re helping leaders add a healthy amount of strategy to go along with all that vision.

We believe your church should be well-organized and well-run.  

I’m not talking about relying on a demographic study instead of the Holy Spirit or a focus group instead of prayer time. 

You’re smarter than that.

You know that leadership is stewardship and you want to use all the resources God has given you to lead well.

Personal consultants might be out of your price range.  And online courses that dump too much information on you are too confusing.

That’s where we come in.

We’d love to help you prayerfully clarify a strategy for your church. Think of it like a business plan for your church or a Ministry Plan to help you clarify your calling. 

With prayer and conversation, along with our video coaching and Two Page Plan® tool, you’ll be ready to lead your church into this next sense of ministry with excitement.

More About Building Your Ministry Plan

Each module of coaching in this course helps you understand what each box on the Two Page Plan means. Here’s a quick look at each item:

  1. Purpose. You’ve probably already got this, but we’ll help you make it clearer and show you were to use it.
  2. Mission. This will likely be one of your biggest “aha!” moments. It can be a game-changer.
  3. Vision. We’ll demystify this term for you and show you how it all fits together.
  4. Values. More than just fancy words, we’ll help you clarify and actually use your values to make actual ministry decisions.
  5. Strategy. Big plans will never be accomplished without a corresponding strategy.
  6. Profile. Who are you really trying to reach? Spoiler: The answer can’t be “everyone” and we’ll show you why.
  7. Distinctives. What makes you truly unique?
  8. Keystone Ministries. What are the most important ministries in your church? And yes, this means some things you do aren’t really important.
  9. Annual Events. What are the big church-wide events that need everyone dialed in?
  10. Key Metrics. What numbers are most important for you to measure.  Every church is a little different but every church needs to be crystal clear.
  11. Key Processes. There are a handful of systems and processes in your church that will help you solve problems once and for all.
  12. Annual Goals. Goals inspire us toward a better future, and there’s a way to set them so people are inspired not annoyed.
  13. Three Year Outlook. Imagine what your church will look like and feel like three years from now.

When you finish the course and complete your Two Page Plan, you will have a document that describes everything important in your church.  You know what to work on, what roles to fill, what ministries need focus, what challenges to solve, and what meetings to hold. You’ll still have vision and passion.  But you’ll also have the plan and strategy to make it happen.

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