Helping Leaders Make Spirit-Led, Data-Informed Decisions

The reality is that we are constantly collecting data. But most of the data we collect is the wrong kind—focused on consumption rather than growth, and often we don’t know what to do with it. So we’ve partnered with Gloo to help bring you LABS, innovative tools to help you discover the most important pieces of data and put it to work for you.

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We're breaking barriers and busting myths about what it takes to lead a healthy growing church.

What to Expect



Access new content and challenges released monthly.


Bounce ideas, suggestions, and questions off of other LABS members.


Experts are available to  answer questions, offer advice, and assist you.


Share your results with other LABS members.

 Workshop Topics

Each month, we’ll hold a specific workshop to help you reach more people in a healthy and sustainable way. 


Create Your One-Liner

Craft a one-liner to help people lean-in rather than tune out.


Create Your Christmas Plan

Get ahead this year by working with our Church Fuel Coaches to create an effective Christmas Plan for 2020. 


Get a Head Start On Your Two-Page Plan

The Two-Page Plan is a foundational resource for your church. The Purpose, Mission, and Vision sections are the blueprints that will guide your journey. Getting these right is one of the most important things you can do to lead your church well. In this LAB, you'll complete the Purpose, Mission, and Vision section.


Plan Your 2021 Preaching Calendar

Our Church Fuel Coaches will work alongside you to get your 2021 Preaching Calendar not only on track, but on point for your audience.


Focus Your Ministry

New year, new focus. Refresh your target audience so you can provide the most valuable content and resources for your people.


Build a Volunteer Coaching Plan

Let's face it, volunteers run our church. We'll help you develop a coaching plan to onboard, train, and disciple your volunteers.


Run an Easter Marketing Campaign

We'll build and execute a clear marketing campaign for Easter weekend.


Update Your Homepage

Your website is the front door to your church. In this lab, we'll audit your homepage, uncover best practices, and help you adjust your content to be more effective.


Where Your Guests Are Coming From

How did your guests find you? In this lab, you'll discover how your guests are discovering you.


How to Get Results

Effort without results is wasted. In this lab, we'll run two different campaigns and compare the results to see which is more effective for your unique audience.


Create/Revise Your Two Page Plan

The Two Page Plan will help you clarify your purpose, mission, strategy, values, and goals in a way that makes sense and actually enables ministry.


Create a Growth Plan for New Believers

Come alongside your people with the resources, connection, and encouragement they need by providing meaningful and measurable next steps.

A word from your host

We’re here to help guide you through some of your toughest challenges. We’ll have a new lab every month to help you understand your givers, measure church engagement, plan relevant sermon series, know your community, and so much more. We get to do this as a community of pastors and church leaders alongside experts who have seen success with each of these challenges. We’ll also be engaging our Church Fuel Coaches to provide feedback and guidance so that you can get as much out of each Lab as possible.  

Have questions? Let me know! I’m excited to conquer challenges together.