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All of our digital courses, starting with Data Fueled Church

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Ministry Coaching whenever you need one-on-one help with something specific

Gloo customers get all of our courses.

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Data-Fueled Church

Data Fueled Church is an on-demand course that combines best practices and real-church examples, giving you a better understanding of how churches can use data, insights, and analytics to make better ministry decisions. This course is not overly technical. Instead, it focuses on practical applications for ministry, leadership, and reaching people.


The Rebound Course

As your church moves beyond responding and through reopening, it's time to look at what the next season of ministry can be.  Rebound will give you a roadmap for the future, and help you get back to where you need to be and primed for what is ahead.  Each of the three modules includes insanely practical advice and actionable resources to help you gameplan for growth.


Building Your Ministry Plan

Without a clear strategy, everything seems like an opportunity or an obligation and it’s easy to lose sight of what matters.  To truly reach your community, you need a simple but effective plan. We’ll walk you through each step and help you clarify what matters.  The result will be a one-page plan everyone can support. 


The Leadership Course

The biggest growth barrier facing most churches today isn’t a lack of space or a lack of funding.  It’s leadership. Learn how to lead yourself, lead your team, and develop leaders who will help every ministry in your church.


The Volunteer Course

Churches of every shape and size need people to help accomplish their ministry.  Our leadership system will help you recruit, train, and develop leaders, and make sure they are the happiest and healthiest people in your church.


The Giving Course

People don’t give to churches like they used to, but there are specific actions you can take to engage people.  Since ministry takes money, learn how to raise the bar of generosity in your church.


Breaking the 200 Barrier

Churches with fewer than 200 attenders aren’t small churches, they are normal-sized churches!  But you’ve got unique challenges and need focused solutions. This course will lay out seven action steps to help you break this important barrier.

There are more courses included like The Systems Course, The Follow-Up Course, The Inviting Course, and more. We add new courses every few months and members get everything.

You'll get all of our resources.

 Our digital Resource Library will give you the tools and templates you need to take action fast. There are more than 150 documents in the Resource Library with new ones added each month.

Plus, if there's something you need and you can't find it, we'll make it.


  • Ministry Action Plan
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Volunteer Job Descriptions
  • Personal Growth Plan
  • Policies and Procedures


You'll get monthly labs.

Each month, we’ll hold a specific data-informed workshop to help you reach more people in a way that is healthy and sustainable.  These workshops will help you utilize your Gloo tools at a much deeper level and the community will help you interpret and act on your findings.


You'll get The Pastor's Book Club

Ministry Insights can come from anywhere, and business books are an untapped source of wisdom.

Pastors and church leaders are often well versed in Bible-study, Theology and Ministry but are often ill-equipped to lead a business or organization. That’s why the Pastor’s Book Club focuses on bringing the best ministry insights from world-class business leaders.  


You'll get coaching.

In addition to practical coaching and actionable resources, every member can connect with a coach anytime you need one-on-one help. Coaching is included for every member.

Matt Anderson

Lead Pastor of Surprise Church in Bismarck, ND.

Ryan Brooks

Lead Pastor of Vertical Church in Durham, NC.

Joanne Hoehne

Co-pastor of The Source Church in Bradenton, FL.

Robbie Foreman

Lead Pastor at Together Church in Moncks Corner, SC.

Bobby Williams

Lead Pastor of The Ridge Church in Oak Ridge, TN.

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Connect with the Community

Each month, we run a lab where you'll use a Gloo tool to accomplish a specific objective.  Dive in when ready and tap into the power of community.

The Real Church Growth Barriers

Service times, worship style, digital presence… these are important, but they are not the underlying issues facing your church. Your church is facing real growth barriers, but we will help you break through.

People Barriers

It never feels urgent to develop your people, but if you’re not growing, and helping your staff, leaders, and volunteers get better, this is where you should start.

Systems Barriers

You can’t solve systems and structure problems with better preaching or more vision. You need to create good systems that are followed by all people.

Culture Barriers

Culture isn’t as ethereal as others make it out to be. You create it with language, values, behaviors, people and budget.

Strategic Barriers

Planning is spiritual, and we’ll show you how to make a useful strategic plan that will help you get everyone and everything on the same page. “I have a dream” is how you inspire people, but “I have a plan” is how you lead people.

Spiritual Barriers

The church is not just a business or organization, which means a lack of prayer, a lack of faith, and a poor understanding of the Gospel might be holding you back.

With so many online courses, blogs and podcasts, and conferences promising the silver bullet, it’s tough to hear through the noise.  Too many people over-promise and under-deliver. And most of the time, it’s all inspiration with very little real help.

We’re not about that. We're all about the practical.

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  • Every Premium Course
  • Every Resource in our Library
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What People Are Saying

I have been so blessed by this community. You will never know how much I needed these resources, words of encouragement, prayers, and just a place to come and lay out what's on my mind from time to time. I love being able to share with all of you. Thank you for serving together, and the fact that there is a spirit of working together and not of competition. Everything around me is so competitive that it is hard to fellowship with other pastors. Y'all are a Godsend. I thank the Lord he directed me here. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Rob Watts, Pastor
Columbus West Church
Columbus, OH

If you're on the fence and you're thinking I don't know if this is for me, come join the community. The relationships you'll build with people that are a little bit further ahead from you are so incredible, and the relationships with people that may be a little bit further behind you, because we all know that we learn more from teaching others, often times than we do when we're being taught something. So it's an opportunity for you to both receive and give in this community and it's exciting. Ministry's hard. And doing it alone is even harder. So the Church Fuel community is a big piece of me not feeling all alone in doing ministry. Even though I have a team that I work with here locally, it's great to have other folks and other voices outside of our team locally and that's what Church Fuel is for me.

Jeremy Self, Pastor
 The Church at Lake Travis
Austin, TX

Since I've been implementing some of the things that I've learned from Church Fuel, we have grown. When I took over, we were at 54 members. We have grown now to where our attendance every Sunday is around 130. Because of our growth, we've had to go to two services, and I attribute a lot of that to Church Fuel… I would say to someone who's on the fence about joining Church Fuel… jump in. Take advantage of everything, the relationships. Take advantage of the community. Take advantage of the resources.

Christopher Georges, Pastor
Fullness Church
Chesapeke, VA

We promise this will help you, or we will find something that will.

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